ICS’s unique experience in engineering project at any level shall be considered.

The modular construction approach shall be taken into account in general when the shortage of skilled site workers does affect the regular and quality construction operation or when the construction project schedule is particularly tight do to local constraints.

To cope with such situation it became a must to minimize any time consuming activities connected to highly skilled fabrication and transport techniques.  Such techniques were later applied to all field of our activity whenever the need for high quality and short tie-in schedule were fundamental issues.

In the following paragraphs the most important ways of approach to modular construction are given with some of the appropriate references.

The “Furnaces Submodular Concept”

Such concept, which is now a standard in furnaces engineering, foresees the splitting of the equipment into a number of submodules with refractory and process coil completely assembled and with a maximum of 200 to 300 tons. The site installation is effected by cranes.

The ” Packaged Plant Concept”

Mainly in the field of gas processing, sulphur recovery and small size hydrogen production plants, ICS has delivered skids of various dimensions assembled in shop as mechanically completed units, therefore including all necessary field instrumentation, electrical and insulation work.

Site erection can be done either by cranage as well as hydraulic trailer positioning. Several units of different processes can be delivered at a maximum weight (per each skid) of approximately 100 tons.

The “Full Modular Concept”

The unique ICS concept foresees the design of complete mechanical assembly of modules of any dimension in the field of large size, high temperature, refractory lined equipment, complete with all ancillaries like machines, piping, instruments electrical etc.

Modules are then assembled in dockyard and sea freighted, and then erected, by RO-RO technique.